Meet Carl

Meet Carl

A Message from CARL

Time To Give DeKalb County A Fresh Start, A New Voice, And A New Vision.

DeKalb County use to be viewed as one of the nation’s leading law enforcement municipalities and admired for being a community oriented influential law enforcement operation. Over the past few years the County has not lived up to its full potential and maintained it’s once held esteemed position. A Sheriff’s Office should stand as a role model for the county and citizens it serves, while creating leaders within communities.

Through innovative programs, initiatives and full community support, DeKalb County can once again position itself as one of the nation’s finest law enforcement municipalities, while providing itself a fresh start, new voice, and new vision.

I was born and raised in DeKalb County and have been devoted to this county all of my life. I have put my life on the line as a law enforcement officer for over 28 years and I am dedicated to DeKalb County just as others are. Safety is a priority issue of concern for all of us and no longer should we suffer from lack of safety. As your 2020 Sheriff, I will work with other entities to lower crime statistics and make DeKalb a safer place for us all. I will also ensure that there is consistent partnership with the Sheriff's office and organizations in our community that seek to understand and build actionable plans to provided support in the areas of mental illness, homelessness and youth intervention programs and activities.

With you and your valued support we can greatly impact change in our county. We can't go back in the past, but we can move forward and make DeKalb County better than ever. That's why I'm asking for your support by electing me as your next DeKalb County Sheriff.

As Sheriff, my vision will be to rebuild and re-brand an agency that is fully committed to demonstrating a transparency, servant leadership, safety and timely responsiveness. I will work diligently to unite the Sheriff's Office with the community and organizations, through a variety of comprehensive strategies, initiatives, and programs that will incorporate efficiency and trust. With the help of DeKalb County citizens, leaders, business owners and community organizations - we can improve life in DeKalb.

As your elected Sheriff, I will work hard to bring positive change to the Sheriff's Office. I will work to ensure that the focus of this office will be to improve public safety for the citizens we serve, while looking out for the needs of the entire Sheriff's Office and its employees. It is my desire to strongly build on these efforts as your candidate for Sheriff in 2020.

I thank you in advance for your support and trust in me to serve you as your next DeKalb County Sheriff.

- Carl Mobley

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